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Relaxation and Stress Reduction


·        Breathing and relaxation – minilecture

·        Relaxation through concentration on breathing – introduction to autohypnosis

·        Kapalabhati – purifying breathing exercise, diaphragm control training

·        Office gymnastics – set of simple relaxing exercises

·        Bad and good stress – minilecture: contemporary attitude to stress phenomena

·        Grounding – bioenergetic exercise strengthening self-confidence

·        Waterfall – mind purifying visualisation combined with autosuggestion and relaxing breathing

·        Office gymnastics – yoga and stretching

·        Triple breath – diaphragm exercise

·        ZEN mindfulness training – calmness by 100% focus on ‘here and now’

·        Group massage accompanied by chill-out music and relaxing aroma

·        Progressive relaxation – tensing and relaxing of selected body muscles

·        Lion – experience of relieving emotional tension

·        Catharsis by dancing - relieving energetic and emotional tension with sounds of drums

·        Crazysounds – relaxation trough unarticulated sounds

·        Group dancing – Balkan dance in a circle

·        Journey trough the body – relaxation trough focusing on breathing and autosuggestion

·        Summing up and assessment of the workshop


MD Mateusz Borowiec - clinical psychologist, graduated Jagiellonian University, graduated École Européenne de Psychothérapie Socio- et Somato- Analytique, graduated Jagiellonian University, psychotherapist certificated by Polish Psychological Association, yoga trainer, psychodrama assistant.

Dr Mateusz Borowiec psycholog psychoterapia KrakówDr Mateusz Borowiec psycholog psychoteraputa Kraków

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